Factory Tour

Other companies in the same fields may be unable to join this factory tour.
We submit the list of your names to YASKAWA Electric corp. and THK Co.,ltd., and they judge if you join the factory tour.
If you are unable to join the factory tour, secretariats contact you.
The factory tour of only one company is also possible.

Participation Fee including lunch: 5,000 yen.(Case of one company is 2,500yen)

Maximum participation is 40 persons on a first-come-first-served basis.
Deadline of participation is Oct.1th,2014.

Date : Nov.21,2014(Fri.)

Tour A.M. YASKAWA Electric Corporation Robot's manufacturing facility
P.M. THK Co.,Ltd. Manufacturing facility of Linear motion rolling bearings

Time Table

Departure from North entrance Parking, Kokura Sta. 8:00
Arrival at Yaskawa Yahata-nishi Plant 8:40
Factory tour
Departure from Yaskawa 11:25
Arrival at Kokura Sta. (if you need) 12:05
Lunch (Mekari P.A.) 12:40 - 13:30
Arrival at THK Yamaguchi Plant 14:30
Factory tour
Departure from THK 16:45
Arrival at North entrance Parking, Kokura Sta. 18:00