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--Young Researcher Award--

Name Affiliation Title
ORAL Session
Ryuta Sato Kobe University Influence of Type and Size of Coupling on the Motion Characteristics of Ball-screw Drive Feed Drive System
Yindi Cai Tohoku University Development of a six-degree-of-freedom surface encoder
Yen-Chu Teng National Cheng-Kung University Design, Analysis and Control of Elastomeric Bearing Positioning Stage
Seongheum Han Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST) Precise long distance measurement by synthetic wavelength dual-comb interferometry
POSTER Session
Tadashi Hama Tokyo Institute of Technology Dynamic Characteristics and Precision Control of an Ultrahigh-Acceleration Linear Motor
So Ito Tohoku University Dimensional Measurement of Micro Pinhole by Probing System with a Nanopipette Boll Stylus
Tomonori Kato Fukuoka Institute of Technology Pressure control in balancing cylinder for hybrid electric-pneumatic ultra-precision vertical positioning stage
Takuro Ishino Shizuoka University Sensitivity improvement in three-dimensional touch trigger probe system based on fiber optic displacement sensors

Important Dates

・The deadline of the abstracts is May 31, 2014 -> June 30, 2014.
・Acceptance letters and author's kits for a camera-ready manuscript will be sent by
August 25, 2014.
・Early registration deadline,
September 15, 2014.
・Final camera-ready manuscripts for accepted papers must be sent by
September 25, 2014.

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